Property Management

Sometimes selling isn't an option.

Owning real estate is about making money; increasing values while building equity.  Loan balances going down and market values going up.  However, circumstances change and sometimes you need to move before you've built up the amount of equity you need.  An option you can look into is renting your property for more than your monthly payment plus the fees involved.  Someone else would be paying your mortgage down while your equity continues to build.   

It's more complicated than that, of course, but with the right property management company (that would be us)  we can help you look at your specific situation and see if it makes sense for you.  

We work with private owners like yourself, so you don't have the hassle or opportunity for someone to prey on your emotions.  We're experienced, knowledgeable and know reputable, reasonable professionals you can trust.  

We have also partnered with a company where are able to report all of your tenant's payment history to the 3 main credit bureaus; which in turn decreases the amount of late payments.  The tenants can work toward building good credit opposed to thinking it doesn't matter and they can skip out without repercussions.  

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