Property Management

Sometimes selling isn't an option.

Owning real estate is an investment and about making money.  If you own, you are building equity as you pay off mortgages and as market values increase.  This works for your personal residence and for investment properties.  One of the key factors when buying and selling real estate which determines your best ROI (return on investment) is timing.   Sometimes circumstances change and the timing isn't best if you need to move before you've built up enough equity to cover your cost to sell. 

One option you may have is renting your property for more than your monthly payment plus fees.  Basically, someone else would be paying your mortgage down while your equity builds.  There are pros and cons of course and you should look into exactly what your circumstances entail; but it is an option to consider.

That's where the right property management company (that would be us) can help you evaluate your specific situation and see what makes sense for you.  

We work with private owners like yourself, so you don't have the hassle or opportunity for someone to prey on your emotions.  It's much easier for a third party to hold tenants to the terms of their lease agreement and to follow through with what needs to be done if they don't.  We're experienced, knowledgeable and know reputable, reasonable professionals to call when one is needed.    We take the guesswork out of it; plus we can save you money by spotting an issue before it gets too big and too costly.  You DO NOT have to figure this out on your own.


We have partnered with a company where we have gotten approved to report all of your tenant's payment history to the 3 main credit bureaus; which in turn decreases the amount of late payments.  The tenants can work toward building good credit opposed to thinking it doesn't matter and they can be late or skip out without repercussions.  

So, if you want more information about what we can do for you, just contact us.  We'll evaluate your situation and help you decide absolutely FREE!  We also offer discounts if you have multiple properties you want help you can get your life back!  

Send me a message below or call me direct.  Our property management company is here to make your life easier!

Lynn Fillingham